Is there frm.set_query for webform

I want to custom query a link fieldtype. I can use frm.set_query for form.
But the script is not running for the webform (created based on the doctype).

I also tried to use frm.set_query in the web_form js and in the webform client script section:

frappe.web_form.on('Anggota', () => {
    frm.set_query( "city", function () {
        return {
            "filters": [
                [ "Territory", "parent_territory", "=", frm.doc.propinsi ],
    } );

What is the equivalent of frm.set_query for the webform?
Or how do I make it work?

Thank you

Hi, did you find any workaround for this?

I dont remember. But I think my workaround is doing different way to accomplish my need.