Is there like place to download Testing data?

Is there like a sample data available so my environment wont seem like a ghost town? also this will be good to practise import


See this thread… Sample data for and own deployments - #2 by clarkej

I prefer to enter my own data from scratch… I believe that’s how we master ERPNext… the massive software…

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that thread mentions having to transform my site into a demo site to dl the demo data? cant i have a normal data only import for v11?


Dear, can you define what is the ‘normal data’ that you are looking for? if its the data in excel sheets to import then there is nothing available as far as I know. to make a demo site you can use the below commands. its tested on v11.

Start with a fresh site, create new site and follow these steps

bench --site reinstall

Install Demo

bench --site execute erpnext.demo.demo.make

If Demo breaks, to continue

bench --site execute erpnext.demo.demo.simulate