Sample data for and own deployments

As a new user it would be very helpful to have extensive sample data and prepared use cases that show how the software can be used. It would also be helpful to have inline guidance within the software to understand the first simple steps. Is there any activity around that yet? How could that be started?

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Of course changes extensively and routinely, that may not be suitable if you require control and consistency.

“extensive sample data”

Well there’s this demo data that is I think the extent of example ‘community’ data!?

'bench run-tests' to make local instance like

Good quality demo data, eg. ''WIND POWER LLC'' download - #4 by clarkej

As well the test code has fixtures with setup data required to exercise a test.

" inline guidance within the software to understand the first simple steps"

If you mean a wizard, the only one I know of is the instance setup one?

@clarkej Thanks for your pointers.

When I now read @umair talk about “good demo data” on here I wonder if this has been lost since April 2017? The list of customers, items, quotes, reports and all of the things that make an ERP system stand out seem to be missing on today. Am I missing a download link for “Wind Power LLC” for demo data? Where is it? How to import it?

I have also read this post:

It is largely technical and does not give an answer to my question, how to optain good test data. However the screenshots in this post of @clarkej seem to indicate that there is test data with enough samples available somewhere. :smiley: #iamstuck