Is there notifications in ERPNext Mobile app

Say for instance we give CRM to sales people on mobile app, and we want them to have notifications if the opportunity is assigned to him/her on the go, is it possible in mobile app?


Push notifications are not out of the box.

What would be the best way to configure it ?
Any documentation regarding the same ?

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Hello @revant_one

But doing such customization will require to be submitted for source safe to upload it for play store, otherwise it is required to upload a new mobile application at play store (which means, the one who did this customization need to use other mobile application than the current ERPNext that is existed in play store). I am right or not?


Hello @revant_one @saurabh6790
I have a question if possible to answer me please:
Is it allowed legally that the mobile application source to be uploaded in the play store in the name of the customer, so the users can search on the application at play store by writing the customer name instead of ERPNext?


If you just use the app for purpose internal to a company, no need to publish it on play store.

Host it on your server and make a /downloads web page with link for apk

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Even though MIT license allows private use of ERPNext Mobile code, it would be preferable if you submit your implementation upstream. Unless your circumstances prohibit sharing the code.