Is there way of Handle It?

I have a scenario where I have a part code of Laptop.

Laptop itself comes with the Charger.

Now, what I want to do is I want to raise a Purchase Order for Laptop but when I receive it in store it should be divided into 2 other parts say
Laptop (Without Charger) and Charger.

I know there was a way to handle the same in ERPNext but I forgot to do that.

Can anybody help on this?

Ruchin Sharma

You can put item with zero rate in the PO for the charger & then later on receive it.

Yes, agreed but we have not made the PO for Charger.
I mean charger is not the part of the PO.
Apart from that if we follow this:
We need to put 2 items in the PO:

  1. Laptop (Without Charger)
  2. Charger

Ruchin Sharma

You may need to divide them into two items
1- Laptop
2- Charger

then make 3rd item which is not a stockable item and make a product bundle for it which will contain the above 2 codes

so the po will contain 1 item (non stockable item)
and the packing list will contain the other tow parts

also the same in selling cycle

so you can buy and sell every single item as it or the bundle item which contains both of them

I tried this but didn’t get the solution.
I created 3 Part Codes from scratch:

  1. Laptop (With Charger) - Non-Stocked Item, Is Sales Item=Yes
  2. Laptop (Without Charger) Stock Item
  3. Charger - Stock Item

Then I created a Product Bundle for Laptop (With Charger) and Laptop (Without Charger), Charger were the child part of the Product Bundle.

Then I created a PO for Laptop (With Charger)
Made Purchase Receipt for Laptop (With Charger)
But, I didn’t see anything in stock though.

Please advise.

Ruchin Sharma

I think, I have got my answer here.

Ruchin Sharma