Is there way to have a "privacy" on leads?

we have several teams which take cares of the leads. whenever we get a lead, I want the lead to be visible to one team only.
In ERPnext, we can assign the lead to one person, but it is visible to everyone. I am looking for a way in which a lead can be assigned to a team or territory and only the members of that team can see it.

For example, if I have two businesses: Real Estate and Interior Decoration, the real estate team should only see the Real Estate leads and Interior decoration team should only see the interior decoration leads.

Another example, if I my business is divided into four regions, north south, east and west; and I have team working in each region, a customer which enquires in the north region should be visible only to the team which works for the north region leads, and it should not be visible to the teams working in other region. is it possible…?

@G_S take a look on that discussion

It may will help!

thank you, I will check it.

Hey I saw your response on the thread that you have linked.

One alternative to dont use code!

Instead of associate the Sales Managers with they Sales Person, associate they with an Territory.
Also Associate the Sales Persons under the Sales Managers, with that territory.

This will allow the Sales Person, only see they sales.
The Sales Manager to see all the Sales of the Territory
and the General Sales Manager to see everything.

I dont think i understood it correctly. could you please elaborate it a little. I have recently started exploring the possibilities in erpnext.

@G_S this article explain the subject