Is there way to hide /courses in LMS from non-logged users?

We want to use LMS for our internal training and onboard our employees. Such courses are not supposed to be available or visible on public urls. In the Frappe LMS, I couldn’t find the way to disable the /courses or any publicly available urls of LMS. Curious to know if this feature not available yet or am I not able to find the method? Thank you for taking your time to review my question.


@SDheeraz if you are referring to the links that appear on the navbar, it can be easily removed. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the doctype Website Settings.
  2. In the Navbar section you will find a table called Top Bar Items.
  3. From this table, delete all the links that you don’t want to appear on the navbar of your page.

@Jannat_Patel Thank you very much for the reply. I know this setup. But this will just hide the links/menu from the home page navbar. But if anybody tries to open the link using, the page is still going to open to the public. I am more interested in disabling the public view of the LMS publicly available web pages.

For example, if you go to this link Without logging in to the site you can easily know the available course details and course contents, which I am not fine to make it available for anyone with the link to view and browse.

As of now, there is no restriction for people on the /courses page. If you don’t want others to access these courses, you can disable self enrolling on all your courses and manually enroll your internal users in the courses. You can do that from the LMS Course doctype. This way, even if an external user lands on the page, they won’t be able to enroll for any courses.

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Hi @SDheeraz

Did you find any solutions?

As of now, there is no way to hide the course detail page from Guest users. You can try some javascript scripting to do the same.

@Jannat_Patel Thanks for the reply
I tried to restrict website_redirects but its not working.
Please give any sample code for the restrictions

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