Is this acceptable way of doing?


I tried solving a problem that I had and I think I actually managed to do it.
I would like to invite some comments about the way I am doing this …

Here is the situation…
Person A raises Material request ( purchase )
Person B in buying dept raises Purchase order
Person C in Goods-receiving dept receives order items

If person C should do a stock entry for an item, he cannot select the relevant purchase oder.
( Purchase order is only visible on Stock entry under limited conditions)
So if Person C does a Stock Entry, it is not linked to the correct purchase order for a GR
(Goods received to be done)

Here is what I did.

I customised “Stock Entry Item” and added a field “purchase Order”

I also customised “Purchase Receipt Item” and added a field “stock Entry”

And here are examples of such entries when I did a transaction…

And i understand that adding fields to docs may cause problems if Frappe gets updated.
But appart from that , is this an acceptable way order is there a better way.

I am not too sure I follow your drift, but is there any reason why Person C cannot do a Purchase Receipt? That’s what a Goods Receipt Note is called on ERPNext - Purchase Receipt.

Hope this helps.



Hi @JayRam

Thank you for taking the time.

You’re right. BTW … it is not something that I want to do at Trinity Drones. Its actually
a situation that I saw at another company and I wanted to make a suggestion to them.
But expecting the argument that person C can then see docs that they dont want him/her
to see.

But that can be rectified with the role-permissions-manager.

I was over-thinking this. You’re right. Thanks for bringing me back to earth !!!

One positive though … I actually did implement my idea ( as clumsy as it is ) … and in the
process learnt something about customizing Forms !!

Once again thanks