Is this the correct way to access attached file server side?


I have a DocType in my app that has a required Attach fieldtype for a csv file.

I need to access this file to run some validation when submitting or updating this DocType.

Currently I have the following method in the DocType controller class:

	def get_csv(self):
		doc = frappe.get_last_doc(doctype='File', filters={'attached_to_name': str(})
		file = doc.get_full_path()
		with open(file) as csv_file:
			csv_reader = csv.reader(csv_file, delimiter=',')
                # do the things we need

Is this the best/recommended way of accessing the attached file? I wanted to use the get_content method on the File controller class but it doesn’t seem to be completed yet.

Thank you for any feedback!