Is V11 work with python 2.7 work after jan 1st 2020?

As we know python 2.7 will be no longer support after 1st Jan 2020.
Please let me know what happen to V 11 running on python 2.7 and it,s customized apps?

Will they run after 1st Jan 2020 with out any problem?

Is there any way to convert customized apps to python 3?

Any one feedback is highly appreciated.

I suggest you setup a replica of your current production server with the same database and then try this.

Theres a python script called 2to3 .it converts python 2 code to python 3. However it also changes some frappe code like msgprint or throw, so always check your code… You’ll have to run it over all your py files of doctype’s and reports. You will probably get many errors of mixed spaces and tabs y
So fix them too.

Then migrate your environment from python2 to python 3 using migrate-env command.

Finally check a complete lifecycle of your erpnext workflow.

Also don’t expect it to be too smooth.

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Will they run after 1st Jan 2020 with out any problem?

It is not that Python 2.7 will stop working or your apps will stop working on the strike of the midnight. But they will not be maintaining that version. No more updates to Python 2.7.

You may face problems when you upgrade to a higher version of frappe.

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I would like to get help from some one to update python 3

Sure. Follow those steps i told you.

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