Is website module available for more than one app

There are few apps of which frappe and membership are two of them, now website module is present in frappe app what ever web pages created in website module those are stored under frappe app now I want website module to be in membership app is this possible?

I think you need to override that using your custom app. You can able to move entire website module into your custom app

Hey @Maheshwari_Bhavesh thanks for the solution
Can I create another website module in membership app so that I can have website module in both the apps

As far as I know, Frappe can only support a single website without (a lot of) customization.

There was an effort a few years ago to enable multiple websites, but not enough interest to incorporate it into the standard product.

I think it’s a great idea. Large companies with multiple e-commerce stores, or wanting websites for multiple applications such as yourself, could benefit from it.