ISO standards versus available processes of erpnext

i have a critical question as i’d like to know if my company applied all processes available here will makes me ready to conduct ISO external audit to have ISO 9001 certificate or, i’m still have to go with some other processes not covered here.


There are many other things that needs to be covered for ISO 9001 other than workflow and business process.

For example, you need to document versioning. While this is available for your transactions in ERPNext, but what about external documents such as SOPs, company documents, work documentation?

i think we can extract the most core documents to be archived in our log but, as long as we are following the procedures and we can back to its LOG on the system that’s ok for auditing.

but, i’m with you that some procedures will be done manually beside using erpnext

what do you think?

Yes true. It is best if you check with a local consultant on this. Ensure that they are a legit ISO 9001 audit company.

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May you mention any one you trust here who can share his opinion also with ours?