ISO9001 opinions requested


I am running V13.24
( Yes I am a bit behind but I am hoping for some of the issues which I have submitted to be pulled
in before I update !! )

I am putting my quality system in place and I am using ISO9001 processes for this. During this process, I created QA Templates which lists certain criteria. When loading these templates
into a Quality Inspection Doc, it loads a default Status of Accepted for each item.

I feel that the default should be “Rejected” so that the only way that an Accepted can be
entered, is by actual user-actions.

Similar to when you have to accept a license agreement when installing software. The tick
is by default on “do not accept” button.

I would like to raise an issue for this, but thought it good to first hear what others have to say.

I’d agree with you on this point.

I come from a background working to quality systems in the medical devices industry. Something that forces a user to interact and change a value is a better option.

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Thank you @pmjd for taking the time to offer your thoughts.

And may I please repeat my request, in the spirit of open-source, for peoples thoughts on this so that I can make a proper suggestion around this matter.

May I emphasize , that this ONLY happens when using Templates. It seems that if one
uses the client-side defaults ( in Customise-form) , it cat be set as required when entering
the lines one-by-one in the Quality Review doc.
But not when using Templates.

And really, in a quality environment, it is not a good idea to make use of Quality Documents ,
that gets created by entering the quality parameters line-by-line everytime a quality
doc is required. This will not fly with ISO9001.