Issue about new site

I’ve installed the ERPNext on my ubuntu 16 on AWS. everything is succesfully
Whenever I try to access my website by 9000, I just see that:
Cannot GET /
Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you.

What do you mean by that?
are you talking about the port? usually it is 80 or 8000.

have you configured a firewall? ufw, did you open that port?

Thanks @Francois_De_Ryckel
I have ubuntu 16.4 and use “Vestacp”. I open port 9000,8000 with all together and when check that:
root@server1:~# sudo ufw app list
Available applications:
Apache Full
Apache Secure
Dovecot IMAP
Dovecot POP3
Dovecot Secure IMAP
Dovecot Secure POP3
i cannot see nginx app with them ,mybe that is cause?

If you installed on aws then there’s no need to specify port. Just enter your aws instance public IP on your browser and you’ll be connected to your installed instance.

EDIT: is see your most recent post mentioning Apache. ERPNext uses nginx so I’m wondering how you installed Apache. What installation guide did you use?

Before I begin install Erpnext I make setup my instance with vestacp with choose nginx+Apache and then began install erpnext.
Now should i remove Apache or remove vestacp or must re-setup my instance again ?
Please help me.

You may have to re-setup your instance again as no one has been successful in running ERPNext side-by-side with vestacp. Only success so far is running ERPNext with Webmin which can run on Apache or Nginx:

But even that comes with its own drawbacks. So it’s best to run ERPNext alone in the instance.