Issue: Debit and Credit not equal for sales invoice ## difference is

Hello friends. I’ve been having this error on pos recently and its inhibiting the standard way of concluding sales. we are on v6. this debit and credit not equal comes up on submiting the invoice and it fails. the only way to submit isafter filling the cart, switch to form view, save and submit. its fast still but it means we cant use the pay screen.

Here are the things we have done:

  1. ensured correct system dates and regions
  2. removed all tax master settings
  3. cleared frappe cache using bench clear-cache

We also noticed becuase we cleared out transaction data that we have old feed information in our documents.for instancea submitted invoice will show created by a certain user 8 months ago. can someone hint on where this data is coming from so we can clear it. i think there is conflicting data somewhere.

clearing company data didnt work due to the amount of data we had on the system. so we manually cleared the tables.

can someone direct on what could be causing this debit and credit difference.