Issue delivery note for material sent for inspection and return

I’d like to transfer material to a subcontractor’s warehouse without placing an order from the subcontractor. The shipment needs to be accompanied by a delivery note and packing slip. My stock ledger needs show the stock in the subcontractor’s warehouse after the transaction.

The Delivery Note implementation in ERPNext seems to be geared towards sales and issued to Customers only and it simply removes stock from my stores without adding it to a subcontractors stores.

If I do a Stock Entry > Material Transfer for Manufacture, how do I generate a delivery note to send to the subcontractor?


Workaround for the above issue can be that you make a Stock Entry of the type Subcontract and choose Target Warehouse as subcontractor’s stores. Stock ledger will be updated accordingly.

For Delivery note to a subcontractor, you can create a custom print format for Stock entry of the type Subcontractor and send it to the subcontractor.

Hope this helps.

I am creating a custom doctype for my Retun Delivery Challan (RDC)
RDC is used for
To deliver material to subcontract for rework
in the above case, i issue a PO to a subcontractor
he sends the material to me after processing
inspection is done at our end
we have to send some quantity back to subcontract for reprocessing due to rework
I am stuck at the doctype creation
in the new doctype that iam creating, i have to select the PO and the other details like Name and address of the Subcontractor, Material details has to be auto populated
How do i do this