[ISSUE] Error When trying to move Form row while Customizing Salary Slip


I was trying to customize a Salary Slip and hid few fields. When I tried to move the items so the Slip looks normal as many fields are removed.

How this was done is by accessing “Customization” using the administrator user, then selecting DocType “Salary Slip”.

But I am getting the error: “Cannot move row”

If the “Move” function is there, it means it is working. If not, can someone confirm on this.

Using ERPNext v12.18.0 with Frappe v12.15.0

Anyone can help with this?


I also tried to use the upload feature to upload a CSV with the fields… still did not work.

Yet, important to say that when the file is uploaded, the message says that update happened. Yet, when clicking “Update” button to save changes, the changes are reversed.

Any help plz?