Issue Finishing Production Order

When I try to finish some products in a Production Order I get the error “Row #1: Operation Test is not completed for 38.0 qty of finished goods in Production Order # PRO-00002. Please update operation status via Time Logs”

The issue is: as far as I can tell Time Logs are long gone. I created a Timesheet and claimed the finished quantity…

I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Quantity shown in your message on Production Order is 38 but in the timesheet completed quantity is 16

Yeah, I had previously finished 22 units off this production order with no issues. The previous 22 and the 16 I’m trying to finish now are the 38 of the error message.

I’m still having this issue and can’t update my production order. Any help?

I now have Timesheets that complete 22, 16 and 29 units (57 total.) The first 22 show as complete in the production order but I can’t finish any more units, I get the same error as above that “Operation” is not completed for 57 units.

So the issue was the “Operation” got stripped out of the line items in my old Timesheets. I had to recreate the Timesheets from the Production order to get this field back in.

Another issue is the “Operation” field isn’t available unless you create the Timesheet from the Production Order, and it’s only available on the first line. If you add additional lines to the Timesheet the option to add Operation is not there.

This might be worth adding as a github issue.