Issue found during V13 installion

Good day.

I have found something which seems to be install-related because these errors happen
during the initial login where Country , language etc … related info is entered.

I did multiple installs of V13 on Ubuntu 18 & 20 and also changed between nod.js V12 & V14
to see if this made a difference. But still these errors remains.

If you want I can duplicate the pictures that I took or I can list the post number here.

The above are snapshots of the errors in the error log.

I used both Ububntu 18.04 and 20.04 on a 2CPU 4 G-RAM plateform at Digital Ocean.

In both cases , installing V13

ERPNext: v13.11.1 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.11.0 (version-13)

and also changing between node.js V12 & V14

I used manual installation methods everytime to install V13.

Appart from the errors in the log , ERPNext V13 is actually running and I can start
configuring things like Buying settings, Manufacturing Settings …etc…

Could you kindly advise how to fix this ?