Issue: Human Resources: Task Assigned and Appraisal template Restructure
I am dropping another feature i feel the above topic should work.
My Argument:
The ToDo feature which is a brilliant tool for efficiency tracking and productivity, really has no link to appraisal of the staffer. Competence nd performance is really tied around task and evaluated.
Lets take a team of 5, 4 members and 1 team lead. They meet on a monday to have their depts meeting, in the course of the meeting, roadmap of what to be achieved for the week is set.
The current way it works is the appraisal template is set with some terms or name which would now be scored. A mail is sent from the system to employees( now to the team members) to staye what they have done for the day.
Their responses would be via mail and captured by daily work summary, but how will it be evaluated by the team lead who gives or generates report to the Head of the department,?
He has to go thru the daily work summary information first, then to the appraisal sheet to now score on different titles as entered in the appraisal template. This is already stressful for the Team lead, how much more if he has like 10staffers in his team.
My opinion: Rather than using appraisal templates, ToDo assigned should be captured automatically and rated using configured settings.
What i mean by this is on monday morning, the members were given 4 tasks each, assigned to each of them by the team lead or they capture it themselves.
Once that is done and saved, the appraisal sheet captures those entries( HR dept users or managers should have the right to see this aspect) with fieleds like Assigned by, Assigned to, Description of assignment( Mandatory), start Date, Due or end date, Status ( Started, Progress, Half way, Almost Done, Completed) meaning that each of these status has a 20% mark of work done.
Appraisal: if Date is due and the work is at “progress level” the person gets a 40% work score, if at Almost done, the person gets 80%,and so on.
With these, HR dept can generate staffers evaluated performance with ease for each weak, month, quarter, bi annual and yearly and for any number bcos its automatically calculated and rated. The quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly performance rating as decided by the managment could bring about rewards, recommendation for training or off.

This suggestion can be finetuned to make it more polished if there is any.
Thank you

Why not to open the issue in ERPNext’s repo?


I have opened it at github, but again i was told to put it up here in discuss.Erpnext, and now you say i should have done it on ERPnext repository, how do i put it on the Erpnext repository?

Is that where such items should go?

What items are supposed to be in discuss.Erpnext?

Am already getting confused and weary of this.
If suggestions would have so much routine tied to it,i guess i better keep clear…

Usually if you are sure that there is a bug or you want to submit feature request, then your choice is ERPNext repository. On the other hand, if you have questions about usecase scenarios or functionality in general, then you’d post here on the forum.

Edit: the problem with issues in your own repo is that highly likely they will be missed by potential contributors of ERPNext over the time and you definitely don’t want this.

Oh, thanks so much for the enlightenment.
But can you guide as to how to post to Erpnext Repo and not mine own repo?

Would be glad to post it there😀

No problem, you’re welcome. Just head over to Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub and create a new issue there.

Thanks strixa!