Issue in creating invoice from Time Log Batch

Hi There,

I’m following an ethical way to create an invoice of filled time log sheet by employee. Once time log batch generated. i’d like to create sales invoice of the billed hours. but i didn’t got all information about the task.
Such as Item, item group.

However i tried to enter them manually and i found billed hours are changed automatically.

on other hand when i create a sales order then i didn’t found any way to create project from sales order.

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@arun_sharma Project costing and billing is due major upgrades. Hopefully will be released in another week (in version 5)

RMehta - Brother, where would we be without you??

Firstly; THANK YOU and your Crew for the AMAZING work you guys are doing on a regular basis. I can asssure you; the MOMENT we have a ‘great-fit’ client with the resources to finance an ERPNext Migration; you will be the FIRST to know about it!

In relation to TIME LOG BATCH in v5 however, if I may run you though a MAJOR Problem we currently face:

  1. We are an IT Support Company and as such BILL (charge) for our TIME.

  2. We create PROJECTS for each Client.

  3. We would LOVE to see a Link (or even a Button like v4 had) in the CUSTOMER section (top of screen) that displays PROJECTS related to the CUSTOMER. As we do not have this at the moment, we need to SEARCH WITHIN PROJECTS for the CUSTOMER NAME and HOPE that works.
    We have found that sometimes this doesn’t work as planned and as a result we often have MANY Projects for the Same Client which are almost identicle.

  4. We use the PROJECTS to create a MASTER PROJECT (ie. Network Support #CLIENT NAME#

  5. We then setup a GENERAL TASK for ONGOING SUPPORT within the Project.

  6. We use the TASK to allocate TIME LOGS to that Project

  7. Upon completion of the SUPPORT (remote or Onsite), we SUBMIT the TIME LOG.

  8. Once Time Log is submitted, we can either create a TIME LOG BATCH or wait until we have enough worth billing.

  9. RECENTLY, after doing a VERY SMALL JOB (ie. 2x HOURS ONLY and ONCE OFF) we created a TIME LOG and SUBMITTED

  10. We then went to Create TIME LOG BATCH from the SINGLE TIME LOG

  11. The TIME LOG ONLY had a TOTAL of 2 HOURS APPLIED (and the correct rates etc. appears on the TIME LOG itself)

  12. Once the Time Log was ‘Batched’ however, the HOURS and the TOTAL literally DOUBLED (ie. 2x hours become 4x HOURS and the amount of $300 changed to $600).

Have you guys seen this happen?

Please test it by creating a dummy Project, Dummy Task, and then create a SIMPLE TIME LOG (ie. 2 hours)

From there, please create a TIME LOG BATCH using the SINGLE TIME LOG. You may notice that the TIME LOG BATCH DOUBLES the HOURS and THEREFORE ALSO the RATE.

THUS, when we create an INVOICE from the TIME LOG BATCH, the HOURS and the AMOUNTS are DOUBLE what they should actually be!!!

Please let me know if you need screen shots…

PS; see Frappe Cloud for example… notice the image with the 4 + 7 HOURS (11 HOURS)…once submitted the TIME LOG BATCH DISPLAYS EXACTLY DOUBLE (22 hours)…

Any ideas crew???

As Always THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart!

We CANNOT forget the effort and assistance you crew delivers!

We look forward to bringing something back your way soon!


Mark | RECiPHER GROUP Melbourne

Thanks for reporting, fixed in develop branch.

(thanks for your encouragement)

rmehta - thanks for your response Brother!

Please let us know when / if we can run a Bench Update or something to resolve the bug!

Kind regards,

Mark | RECiPHER Group

You can update it now if you are on develop branch. It will be pushed to Master on wednesday.

Hi rmehta,

Any news on the Time Log Batch status?

Once we submit the Time Logs and create a Time Log Batch, the Report on the TIme Log Batch shows the TOTAL amount of hours that have been submitted.

The Total Hours and the Total Billing Amount does not correlate to the figures Submitted in THAT TIME LOG BATCH (it seems as though it is adding EVERY single Time Log submitted to that Project/Client?

Is it possible to:

a. ONLY show the Hours and Total Billing Amount of the Time Logs SUBMITTED to THAT SPECIFIC TIME LOG?

For example:
TL-001 2 Hours
TL-002 1 Hours


The problem is that when we submit for Invoice, the TOTALS are obviously incorrect…

Any ideas?