Issue in creating Production Order from Material Request (Manufacure) "Sales Order SO-XXXX is not Valid"

I have created Material Requests from Sales Order through using Production Planning Tool.
The problem is when I click the button make>Production Order in Material Request(Manufacture),
an error occurs saying that “Sales Order SO-XXXXX is not valid”. This only happens when Material requests was generated using Production Planning Tool.

anybody knows what caused this issue?

Can you check whether item_code is present in Sales Order and Sales Order is submitted?

Yes, item_code is present and is submitted. @nabinhait

any updates about this issue? @nabinhait

I also encountered this error, “Sales Order XXXXX not valid”, when making a production order from Sales Order with Product Bundle.

Cant figure out what causing the error thus we can no longer proceed with the production order.

Kindly check and advise on how to proceed.


@jync11 @hdtmartin,

We have experienced the same problem. We sent a PR yesterday which was accepted and merged. Issue should be fixed!