Issue in creating the Batch No in Purchase Receipt

Problem Statement : Adding batch number and expiry date while creating Purchase receipt for 1000 items is too difficult. Assigning Multiple Batch number is also not proper. CSV file upload also not working.

Solution Needed : Every time in Purchase Receipt i need to add batch no there itself through CSV files.

Please help me on this topic.

Thanks in Advance

Tagging @fkardame who maybe able to give solution.

Easy way is to make batch using excel update. Then use the same excel and make purchase receipt item table excel update

I was able to do this for around 5k items with around 900items in each excel files. As purchase receipt becomes heavy for browser to load.

But it is always better to explain the whole use case to get an accurate solution.

Thanks @Muzzy for referring to @fkardame

I have tried this method, First uploading excel sheet of batch and later uploading purchase receipt assigning that batch number to items.

we have large data with batch and expiry date for each item. it is hard to filer batch numbers and expiry dates for each item to update batch number.

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Then it would be better not to use it as batch item.

Just make it as item n upload its opening stock directly. But using this you will not be able to know which expiry date item was purchased or sold.

If you have any other idea then u can share on this forum.

we need to go with the batch number and expiry date only.

Thanks for the alternative we have tried that but we do not need that.
If you have any other solution please share with us.