Issue in ERPNext Update

I am trying to update ERPNext from current version and getting below error when I try to run bench update command.

$ bench update

Please update node to latest version before running “bench update”. Please install latest node version before running “bench update”. For installation instructions please refer “Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions” section or “Enterprise Linux and Fedora” section depending upon your OS on the following link, “Installing Node.js via package manager | Node.js

I installed nodejs successfully using following command
$ sudo yum install nodejs

But I am still giving error for nodejs as described above.

Can someone please help me in fixing the issue?


Please run command node -V to get the nodejs version installed on your machine. Currently, Frappé needs node >= 6.0 installed on your machine to proceed with the update. You can use following link to find appropriate method to update your nodejs version.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks @shreyasp

I had already installed the version you mentioned but it was still not working.

I have figured the fix. I found that I had two python version installed. So I ran command “$ alias python=/usr/bin/python2.7” and then reinstalled nodejs and mentioned issue was resolved.