Issue in pdf letter spacing

Hello ERPTeam,
When i created the print format then letter spacing in pdf is not same as in preview. In pdf its much more than preview.

pdf screenshot

Could you help me to solve this issue.

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It is related to your print format CSS. Maybe share your CSS as a start so someone can look at it.

Hello ERP Team,

Below is my css.

.print-format div, .print-format p,
.print-format span, .print-format td,
.print-format h1, .print-format h2, .print-format h3,
.print-format h4, .print-format h5{
font-family: ‘Alcubierre’ !important;
letter-spacing: 0.3em !important;
font-weight: normal !important;

I have already used the px, em, rem and pt. But It shows the same problem.


Try and use a standard font like verdana or helvetica to compare. I think the font Alcubierre you are using is not designed/created for PDF formats.



As per the client demand we have to used the Alcubierre font family. In pdf this font family is already set . there is only problem of letter spacing. So could you please suggest me any other solution.

The suggestion I made is to identify the source of the problem and changing to a standard font would determine if the that is the problem, however, if the spacing is still happening with the standard font than the issue is being caused by a css rule that is over-riding what you have applied, you will need to look at the css and html code in developer mode on the browser to determine what is causing it.