Issue in salary Structure

Hi there,
I think there’s an issue in Salary Structure please have a look at it.
I am pasting images of it, for you guys to have a crystal understanding of the issue.

The following image shows when Abbreviation have not been used.

This is the preview Salary Slip of an employee with Gross pay= Rs.28000

The following image is when abbreviations have been used.

As you can see the salary structure has this glitch when salary slip was previewed.

I’ll describe it as well.
As you can see under the earnings section in salary Structure image “Other allowance” is calculated based on formula: base B HRA MA CA so values that have fixed amount i.e. not based on formula cannot be used using Abbr.

I just tested for Earning but seems like calculations are ok. Here are the screenshots.

Hi there @KanchanChauhan,
Sorry for late reply,
As you can see in the gross pay of your salary slip, the total being calculated is wrong. It should be 28000 bu the total in your case is more than the base salary.
Please have look at it.

@Ujjawal Base salary is just a number, there is not reason gross pay cannot be more than base pay

umm I suppose gross pay is calculated based on the total of earnings?

Yes correct. Base is just base salary or sometimes referred to as CTC (Cost to Company).

The problem still persists. I am still unable to use Abbreviations.
If you want i can share the screenshots of it for your better understanding.
My concern is if there’s a component having fixed value, I am unable to use it rather i have to use the amount value to have my work done. But it is not a good practice.
I dont know about the problem but this is the scenario i am facing.
I have tried setting the same structure as done by @KanchanChauhan, but still unable to do so.
I ll try to share the salary preview as well.

Share the screenshots, and are there any conditions in your formula?

As done by Kanchan Chauhan;
Following images will help you understand the problem better.
Base and Earnings


Preview of Salary Slip for the same.

As you can see i have used the abbreviations accordingly.
but the calculation for other allowance component is wrong and so is the gross pay.
What can be wrong in it?

Yes in some components there are formula but not under earnings.
In deductions there are some conditions.

You can close the topic.
I solved the issue.
Thanks for the Help.