Issue in Sales Invoice Return and Delivery Note in V14

I have multiple scenario where the system did not make sense to me so I am putting my test cases and finding so someone can explain what will be the best practice to resolve it.

Sales Return Before DN.
I make Quotation and Sales Order for this item.

  • Item A X 5 Pcs

Then I Convert Sales Order into Sales Invoice for the same without update stock. Customer will wait for delivery.

Before the delivery Customer asked to return this:

  • Item A X -1Pc

So I make Sales Invoice return using the original Sales Invoice and return it. Now the issue starts from here.

Delivery Team is only allowed to look at Sales Order and not Invoice, They will look at Sales Order and raise a Delivery Note for 5pcs and the system will allow this and instead of status as completed it will be to bill.

How to Control this by only allowing Delivery team to only make DN for 4pcs instead of 5.

I just tested this on a fresh installation of V14.

Fkardame, it seems there’s a misunderstanding regarding the correct workflow for processing orders. You’ve mentioned the following sequence: Sales Order → Sales Invoice → Delivery Note. However, this flow can lead to issues if not managed properly.

When you issue a Sales Invoice, it’s crucial to select the ‘update stock’ option, especially if your items are already out of stock.

“Oh, but my customer wants to keep track of the delivery!”

To address this, you should adjust the sequence to:

→ Sales Order → Delivery Note → Sales Invoice

“But Max, how will my customer know that the items have been delivered?”

To ensure transparency and tracking, you can add three custom fields to your Delivery Note:

  1. Shipment Confirmed: Checkbox
  2. Shipment Confirmation Date: Date field
  3. Shipment Confirmed by: Text field

When items are loaded onto the truck for delivery, make sure to submit your Delivery Note.

If an item hasn’t been shipped yet, you should cancel and amend your Sales Order. However, if the items have already been shipped, you’ll need to contact the truck driver to halt delivery of the specific item, and then issue a credit note against the Delivery Note.

Thank you for the detailed response.

This is not possible cause the delivery is not done.

Sales order > Sales Invoice is done to collect payment and issue the invoice to customer. Delivery ideas schedule for next day or coming weekend depending on customers requirement.

While before the delivery customer changes his mind and ask for an item to be returned so that’s the use case I have tried to explain in my initial message.

I already have similar fields already in place.

This is not practice cause sales order and sales invoice connected and the day closing is completed for previous day.

Its impossible to find like this manually which driver truck to halt. So this is not practical at all.