Issue in Stock Valuation and Financial Reporting

I am new to ERPNext and searching it’s applicability in my company. Need suggestion if the issues mentioned here can be solved by any means. I might have errors on identifying issues. If such issues are not in ERPNext, pls guide me through.

i’m not sure about point 6 and 8. but other than that every thing is already available in ERPNext.

for the guidance, batter to try it first in ERP and for any confusion, you can ask specific question here in forum about that issue.

if you want some should guide for all these points, you should higher some service provider for training and implementation.


Hi @adnan, I am currently reviewing v9.1.3 (ERP) v9.1.5 (Frappe) where issues are identified related to:

  1. stock valuation due to Taxes: 13% Value Added Tax are added in closing stock while reporting, and same amount is shown negative in PL account as “expenses Included in Valuation”. Even cashflow reports wrong due to this:

Wrong reported cashflow when I entered purchase receipt through Stock. The applicability of the entries in accounts should have been:
Dr. Stock in Hand (Current Assets)…200000
Dr. Due VAT on Purchase Bill Due(Tax Asset)…26000
Cr. Stock Received but not billed (Stock Liability)…226000

Thus it;s effect in CF would have been:
Net change in Acc receivable (26000)
Net change in Inventory (200000)
Net change in accounts Payable 226000
Net cash from Operation…00

This is the reported PL, when I entered a Purchase receipt without Purchase Invoice entry, where Tax is shown as loss transaction. So I am not understanding the Accounting standard followed on this concept.

Can any one suggest ERPNext Solution in Nepal, and also a bridging between Tally.ERP9 and ERPNext?

Hello Nitesh. Why not post your detailed requirements on

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