Issue Integration

Dear Morning

About the Issue, I’d like to know if it’s possible:

  1. Deploy on the customer’s screen, the history that is displayed to the support team, in the Issue comments.
    Because in our company, we have cases where clients ask to see the history of treatment.

  1. The first comment generated by e-mail inside Issue, opens a new Issue, which is treated by it. In the tool you have some configuration that links the two Issue or that makes the treatment for only one ?

@he1tor For point 2, You can merge 2 issues which have a single treatment

Go to an issue, Click on Issue name → Rename or change the Issue name with the duplicate or the other issue which has the same treatment → Click on Merge with Existing.

This way you can combine both the issues, does this help?

Thanks for coming back, the past procedure worked out.

Would you know how to help me with case 1) ?

@he1tor The comments are generally for the internal communication amongst the users in the system, if your customers have roles in your ERPNext account, they can see the email and comments communications as history in the issues itself, else if the Customers are not a part of the system as users, they will receive only the emails in the communication history.

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We will guide our customers regarding the use of the tool.