Issue of items within items for custom projects

Hi, we’re using ERPNext for architectural millwork manufacturing and it is certainly robust and amazing - great job!

Right now, I’m having an issue figuring out how to properly deploy this to fit how we produce.

Each project involves architectural plans for commercial projects that will include multiple millwork pieces like an intricate lobby desk, sculptures, custom cabinetry, walls, etc.

Creating a BOM for these is tricky because that would mean each project involves creating a new item and then a hundred or so other items to add to that BOM because of the custom dimensions.

So for now, I will have our engineers use the previous system for creating the cut tickets which are basically work orders that contain cutting, assembly, finishing instructions for dozens of parts related to that ticket item.

Then, to slowly integrate them into this system, I want them to create a work order for the millwork piece and specify a number of parts to that particular millwork piece, which will generate that many child work orders with a dependency linked to the overall piece. The naming series would just be the parent work order and then a sequential order.

What would you recommend to be the best way for our engineers to immediately deploy multiple work orders at the same time?

I would greatly appreciate any input.

Did you ever figure out a way to do this?

I am in a similar boat and would love to use ERP next