Issue on Delivered items to be billed

Hi there,

We were checking the Delivered items to be billed in our V7 erpnext.
We have noticed that in this report, it includes the items which was returned by customers…

like for example, i have made a delivery note for item 1 with DR-00001…
I also made INV-00001 linked to that delivery note…
this means that ITEM 1 in DR-00001 is billed.

On the next day, customer came and said that he want to return the item.
In this case, Delivery Note Return has made with DR-RET-00001 and INV-CN-00001…

In the report of DELIVERED ITEMS TO BE BILLED, this DR-00001 is included.

I think this should not be included since this DR has been returned.

Hi @ai_me! I tried replicating your issue but mine seems to work fine. I am using ERPNext v7.0.18. Delivery with invoice is not shown in the report so as the returned document. Only those Deliveries with the status “To Bill” is showing in the report. Did your try clearing your browser cache or refreshing the report?

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hi @creamdory, did you make return for the delivery note return and credit note for the invoice?

Hi @ai_me! Sorry I had to delete my previous reply so as not to be confusing. I had replicated your issue now. It will be in the report once Invoice return (Credit Note) is submitted. And I believe that you were right that it is not supposed to be there, or at least once the return invoice was submitted.

Hi @creamdory, i have posted an issue in github for this. Below is the link:

Hi @ai_me! Thanks for raising this issue on github! I’ll keep posted since I am also working with a project on SO.