Issue on frappe-bench "Easy Insallation" on devlopment step

When i follow all steps from easy installation, it shows some error like “no more Host available” and when i tried same steps without entering password for mySQL and Administration, it does not showing any error and complete installation successfully.

But at the time of bench start, it does not open any site on localhost:8000 and also command line showing many errors with “localhost does not exists”.

I could not able to open localhost:8000. what is the cause behind these errors. Could you please help me on this issue. i searched so many times but did not able to get any answer which helps me.

I m using, Ubuntu 16.04 OS.


Seems to be a weird issue, haven’t seen or heard such an issue. Can you please share some screenshots or some traceback that you get while you execute the easy install scripts on your machine?


I tried it as well but there is no change in outcome. Btw i did it with
other way and now i can successfully start
Now, my other questions are,

  1. How can i change or modify python code as per my requirement on ERPNext ?

  2. Where is the source code available ?

  3. Which is the recommended IDE for python development for ERPNext system ?

Please Suggest me some helpful documents/URL/websites regarding to this.

Thanks & Regards

  • Depends upon your requirement, but first and the foremost you will have to clone ERPNext git repository to directory of your choice using git clone erpnext or do a bench get-app erpnext
  • All the source code related to bench, Frappé and ERPNext is hosted on Github Frappe · GitHub
  • There is no recommended IDE. But you can start with Sublime Text or Atom which are cross platform editors for python and offer tons of extensions for python development environment.


Thanks for your kind reply.

I installed Atom, but now how can i start ERPNext Development in this tool
? How can i merge that project in Atom ?

Have a Good Day !


I have a few question based on some module. Actually i need to add few
custom form in operation module as per my requirement and application. But
i did not get aware about this. i need to create some specific form for my
application, which is not available in ERPNext operation module.

  1. Can i create custom form based on my requirements in any ERPNext module
    ? if yes, please guide to this direction.

Thanks & Best Regards !!
Hardik Gadesha