Issue overdue reminder


in Support module there is ISSUE form
when customer create an issue from customer portal
we got that issue
so the technical support will open that ticket and reseponce

But what if there is no one answer that Ticket?

i need an email to the Supervisor to remind him if there is no any body responce to the Ticket during 30 minute from its created time

This can be tackled by email alert.

You will have to select “Custom” event type and specify the condition (send email after 30 mins if status is still open).

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Thx dear
But what should i type in the condition beside doc.status==“Open”
to let them send after 30 minute ?

can i use the issue_released
But how i say


Any help dears ?

dears any view or guide ?

any update brother ?

Can you create a new Github issue for this?

The current alert system won’t allow you such granular control over the condition field this easily.

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