Issue Setting Up LetsEncrypt SSL

I’m probably just an idiot, but I seem to be missing some information about how to complete the documented LetsEncrypt SSL process. I followed the step and ran

sudo bench setup lets-encrypt [site-name]

I went to my sites directory and found only site1.local and therefore tried the command

sudo bench setup lets-encrypt site1.local.

This obviously failed. Can someone point to the correct procedures somewhere? Is there a way of determining the correct value to add for the site name? Thanks.

Run the command from the frappe-bench folder, and not the sites folder

Are you saying that from the frappe-bench folder I should run the command as such?

sudo bench setup lets-encrypt site1.local

If I don’t know the site name, is there a way of finding it?

I tried running the line above and got the following:

WARNING: The standalone specific supported challenges flag is deprecated. Please use the --preferred challenges flag instead. Saving the debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log

Obtaining a new certificate. An unexpected error occurred: The request message was malformed :: Name does not end in a public suffix. Please see the log files in /var/log/letsencrypt for more details. There was a problem trying to setup SSL for your site.

This is because site1.local is not a public DNS name.

Instead of “.local” try to use “.com” I know there is an option to specify a domain for a site but I don’t have acces to my frappe installation

Thanks…I was able to resolve the issue. The renaming of the site1.local folder to the FQDN works. Needed to do:

Create an A record for “erp”. Tested that resolved to server IP. Then rename the folder. Do

mv /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites/site1.local /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites/

after renaming the site1.local folder you can run the bench command as

sudo bench setup lets-encrypt

After the folder is correctly named, it works perfectly.


like the post. just what does “FQDN” stand for?

Fully qualified domain name. It’s just the domain name


one addition

replace site1.local with in ~/frappe-bench/sites/currentsite.txt

otherwise i.e. the bench mariadb command will not work anymore because it is looking for site1.local.

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