Issue total time

    • i need to calculate the total spend time
      for issue .
  1. i need to get alarm or popup or email when i recive a new issue and also alert every 2 hrs that there is and issue still open

how we can do that

thanks a lot

For this you can take help of Email Alert you can study from here

Deep Trivedi

thank u dear

  • what a bout issue total time calculator

and can i see a report weekly and monthly

for my issues and time spend for every issue ?

Can you explain the usecase of what you want to achieve?.

Deep Trivedi.

actually what i need to do is

when i get an issue ticket from any client

so we will open that issue and working on it

so lets assume that we recive the issue at

1-8-2016 02:00:00 pm

and we working on it till close it at

1-8-2016 05:00:00 pm

so it taked 5-2 = 3 hr
so i need to see a report
for example

issue 1 taked 3 hr
issue 2 taked ---- hr

so i can see that report daily or weekly or even monthly

Hello @sheno for this you need to customize issue a little bit. like you have to add two date time fields such as issue raised date time and issue resolved date time. you may script so that it take values when you start and finish the issue respectively.

Now for report purpose you can do one of two things:

  1. take a third field in issue which calculate the difference between start time and end time when you finish the issue. in this case you can make report using report builder to obtain desired report.

2.make a script report and calculate the difference between start and finish time for each issue and display it in report column.

Deep Trivedi

thank alot dear for your help

i will try and feed u back

i added three fields in issue forum

1- issue raised date time
2- issue resolved date time
3- Total Time

i need

issue raised date time write automatically (not Manaulay )
issue resolved date time write automatically ((not Manaulay ))

and how to let the third
Total Time field take get the difference between the released - resolve times ?


For auto fetch of current date and time in issue raised date time you can add Now in Default textbox from customize form.

The other two you have to manage through scripting that when you close the issue it takes current date time and set in second field and set the difference in third field.

Deep Trivedi.

Thanks alot dear for your help

is there a way or guide to under stand how to make that script

sorry because i am not programmer

You can refer this
but i guess this will require little more efforts in programming because you have to deal with datetime data type which is a little complex.

Deep Trivedi.