Issue trying to install webshop app on ERPNext Google Cloud Bitnami

Hi all,

I have successfully deployed the ERPNext bitnami (latest version / v15) for Google Cloud. Attempting to Webshop app I have done the following:

  1. Ran bench get-app webshop and it seemed to work well (apart from the msg: WARN: restart failed: Couldn’t find supervisorctl in PATH]. I Googled and found that many are facing this supervisor issue yet I have seen that this was fixed on Github.

  1. I ran the command “sudo su daemon -s /bin/bash -c “bench --site erpnext install-app webshop”” to install the app but the following errors were thrown:

I get a 500 server internal error and the module webshop cannot be found:

So my question please is do we need deploy it to the --site erpnext or initialize a NEW SITE or how does it work ? Because in the log it calls out that ERPNext is already installed, so is it like replacing it by choosing that site (erpnext) ?

I think it would be great to have it documented somewhere as in which site we install the app(s).

A guy had similar issues here for a HRMS app: [ERPNext] Internal Server Error After Installing HRMS · Issue #1242 · bitnami/vms · GitHub

Here is the issue regarding supervisor yet I believe it still exists because I cannot restart bench: WARN: restart failed: Couldn't find supervisorctl in PATH - #10 by charleyarnold

Thanks in advance for your valuable help !

UPDATE: I have also downloaded the local VM Machine: ERPNext Virtual Machines

And the issue is the same.

I have figured this out.

Solution is to install payments module first, then webshop. Also, this only works with a self hosted Ubuntu instance and NOT bitnami edition.