Issue when calling Guardian API

I try to get all students from a guardian.
I call this endpoint:


The problem is it seems that some of the students object doesn’t return “student_name”

All new student that I relate to this guardian doesn’t show the student_name .
Anyone can give me insight what happen here?

Anyone can help on this?


The file “” is calling frappe.db.getvalue(“Student”, student.parent, “title”)
in education/ at a3510b98218ad2e88b28db0749742b6ec676cb09 · frappe/education · GitHub

The Student objects do not have a field called title

We can solve this problem by customizing student and add a field called “title”
pull request to frappe/education modifying the line of code and change the variable “title” to “student_name”

Working on solution here

thanks mars, it works now