Issue when run the migrate command

I am having an issue when running migrate command after the last pull of the frappe framework.
This is the error I’m getting.

column "column_type" does not exist LINE 1: SELECT "column_type" FROM "information_schema"."columns" WHE... ^ HINT: Perhaps you meant to reference the column "columns.column_name".

My guess is your site is running on Postgres and the patch failed on your site.

You can safely skip this patch as it just drops an index.

These are the patches I have:
bench.patches.v4.install_yarn #2

Yes, I’m using Postgres.

I have the same problem.
But it is not clear how to skip this patch, if you run the command bench update --reset.

It is obvious that the author of the patch should have added DBMS type checking, if the patch only applies to MySQL.

I still cannot update the system because of the error with this patch. Any ideas?

the list of patches to be applied is defined in this file:


I removed the line from it, now it works !

you can use this command to script it:

sed -ie "s/" /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/patches.txt

Thanks. This really helped :slightly_smiling_face:

You the skip frappe custom patch and write your own patches
then on migration use command bench --site {site} migrate --skip-failing