Issue with accessing erpnext via web browser

I have installed frappe and erpnext using hitchhikers guide and can access the site on the local pc. But even after setting up nginx as per hitchhikers guide, i cant access erpnext via web browser on another pc on same network. it gives the “Sorry! We will be back soon” error. on thew terminal where ive used “bench start” command, it shows “site does not exist”

any solutions?

You MUST use the same address that you used as your site name.

So if you have …

├── Procfile
├── apps
├── config
├── env
├── logs
├── sites
│   └──

… then …

… is the address you must use.

You also want to make sure that your file site_config.json correctly refers to the same address:

erpdev@erpserver:~$ cat ${HOME}/frappe-bench/sites/ 
 "db_name": "_17c7d2feeeeeeed3",
 "db_password": "t272KIlFAKEzxCP2",
 "db_type": "mariadb",
 "domains": [
 "encryption_key": "HBGo69nO22PCCy59lVv-TZ5fF15NNCUNtNKNAra1OBU="

Actual settings depend on whether you have installed for development or production but the central issue is the same: ERPNext routes requests according to the domain name specified.