Issue with Allow Bulk Edit

Hi Guys, I notice an issue recently In ERPNext, I was trying to enable Bulk Edit for a custom Child table field on Interview Doctype, but i was not able to enable it as it show the option to enable but when I check that checkbox in customize form and hit Update, the Allow Bulk Edit checkbox automatically unchecked post update. I notice this is happening only with custom child table fields on Stander Doctype. I tried to enable this options for stander child table field we have on Interview doctype as “interview_details” it works for this table but not my mine. I also try to add my child table on another doctype with same issue.Is this is an Bug in ERPNext or I am missing something.

The below screenshot for reference what i was trying to do.

Found the solution but it was not, what we can stander way to do this. I Added that property using Property Setter

system should allow us to add this property using Customize Form.