Issue with changing name of the Company,

Hi Guys, I am facing issue while try to Rename the company on my Site, when i click on rename on dialog box after changing it shows following alert.

Document renaming from Professional Assistance For Development Actions to Professional Assistance For Development Action has been queued

I am only try to remove last s from the Company Name.

Background, I have two company before in the system one “Professional Assistance For Development Actions” and second “Professional Assistance For Development Action” i remove “Professional Assistance For Development Actions” this as all the configuration was done on another company, then i try to rename other one but it wont works.


@Patel_Aasif action is being queued to the background . share a screenshot of page “background jobs”

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Nothing is showing on this page

yeah i found it in RQ Jobs list here is the screen shot

Now getting this

Got the issue, It was link validation error occur on Non Profit Setting, I am not sure why it was happens but i have resolve the issue. Thanks @bahaou for the reply.

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