Issue with Custom Print Format

Hi Everyone,
I have a custom print format for Purchase Order, the reason I have created the same is that Purchase Order Print Format doesn’t show the Supplier Part Number until I click on Full Page, therefore I thought of creating a new print format, but the new one is also having the same it shows supplier part number as None, but when I click on Full Page, it shows the Supplier Part Number there.

Edit: I checked with a Query Database Table is having the value of Supplier Part Number
Any idea about this?

Ruchin Sharma

{{doc.supplier_part_number or “”}}
{% if doc.supplier_part_number %}
{% endif %}


It’s not working, by any way.
Since it is in row so it will come like
row.supplier_part_no and the field name is supplier_part_no instead of supplier_part_number.

But, I have tried your ways also, it is still showing in full page but not in the preview.
And the interesting thing is, on Purchase Order Form, Supplier Part Number is shown only once you select an item in the PO, after that once you save the Purchase Order, it get removed from the PO Form whereas it is still saved in database.

Ruchin Sharma