Issue with Custom submittable doctype fixtures

Hello All,

I am creating a custom submittable doctype, so Frappe automatically adds the field “amended_from” in the fields table.

Now, i exported these fixtures in the as below.

fixtures = [{“dt”: “DocType”, “filters”: [{“custom”: 1}]} ]

. Now i execute command “bench export-fixtures” the doctype.json file is created in the fixtures folder of the custom app.

Now, when i install this app in another website i am getting the error “Fieldname amended_from appears multiple times in rows 52, 53” it seems although the amended_from field is already exists in the custom doctype, the system is trying to create it again.

Can you please resolve this issue.

@sdqadeer44 since you have access to backend, why dont unset the doctype as custom, and save it into your app? Because, that’s the expected behavior of Frappé!

@max_morais_dmm Hey man!, How you doing, long time no see!

The thing is, i want to add this doctype to HR Module and i dont want this to appear in any other module.

@sdqadeer44 you can do that, registering an under the config folder of your app

I’m doing great, like we say in Brazil, “Don’t matter if the world is ending if we keep dancing!”
Life still going, so, no troubles!

Great, Thanks man!