Issue with desktop Icon

Hi there,

I am facing an issue regarding setting up desktop icons for some users.
I am trying to set Human Resource icon on the desktop for a user.
So when i set it and then refresh the tab and view the desktop it doesnt appear.
More over when i try to see again whether the checkbox is checked or not for HR.
It unchecks all the time.


Seems to be working fine in the test account.

For Some User it is not Working.
I ll share my screenshot.
Strange but true.

Screenshots are Below:

Setting Up Desktop Icon for HR

Saving after checking the HR Checkbox

Coming back to Desktop And Reloading the page.

No icons appeared. going back to setting up desktop icon.

The box remains Unchecked.

Just to confirm you are clicking on “Save” once you check the box for Human Resource. Try reloading using Ctrl+shift+ R

Hope this helps

I have pasted screenshot for after save action check the second screenshot you will find the updated message lower right corner.

And also tried Ctrl+shift+ R no luck

As suggested earlier this is working fine in the test account. Can you please try this by logging in as a system manager.

Actually this was a bug, but fixed by the team. You might using old version.

And yes I’m Using an old version.

Thanks for the support,
Ujjawal Jain