Issue with doctype Tracking change (BUG) post update from V12.13 to V13.12.1

We had updated our production erp instance from v12 to V13 and we have run into a peculiar problem with tracking change. Whenever USER1 changes the status of delivery note to “To Bill” his name is logged in the change trail. However if the USER2 views the document after status being changed to " To bill" he see his name as being changing the document status in change history and not USER1 name. Same go for USER3. The current viewer is listed as the one who has changed the document status in the trail in his viewport.

This issue is persistent delivery note when status is changed to “To bill” and sales order when status is changed to " To deliver and bill"

When hovering over the USERNAME where the change tracked for status is listed in the trail the URL shows Frappe Cloud

Whereas for the over tracked changes the URL is

Any solution for this ?! leads? tips?.

seems this pr fix: Info Timeline always shows current logged in user bp v13 by shariquerik · Pull Request #14529 · frappe/frappe · GitHub fixed the issue

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Thanks! will update when the hotfix commit gets merged with the main branch.