Issue with fetching price in PO

Hi to all,

would be glad to get some guidance. on an issue with pricelists.

In the PO (no material request), I add an item, but the price is not being fetched from the pricelist.

The PO price list is correct, the item has a price in that pricelist (previously imported).

Are there any known issues?

Under Currency and Price List of the PO what do you have populated ?


Price Item:

The companie’s default currency is IDR.
But I already tried with the default currency, same story.

The UOM is also matching.

The prices are definately populated in the price list.

Thanks Paul
So a number of things here -

  1. You added a new item , yes.
  2. Is this a new issue you having after adding the new item only or has this issue been there for some time?
  3. Does the other items on your items list pull the price list.
  4. If the other items do pull then compare the items that work against the item that does not work. Setup issue.
  5. Otherwise more info about your environment would be needed to try and replicate the issue.


Hello Paul
So managed to replicate this , getting same result as you do …
Will keep digging.


In Item Master have you set it as Purchase Item?

I have marked it for ‘is purchase item’ before testing

@Paul here’s how i got it to work , you can test this in your test environment.

  1. Created new Supplier with USD currency
    2.Created new Price List in USD with Rate
    When you raise a new PO select new supplier , under currency and prices , you will see that the system defaults to standard price list,change this to the newly created price list in USD(you can later link it to the supplier).This should\will populate the item rate when the new item selected.

Thank you a lot @msalim79, very much appreciated. I tried your approach, but all settings were already the same.
Btw I got the solution:

Problem was, that when the price list includes prices for different UOMs, need to check the “Price Not UOM Dependent”.
I’m not sure about the side effects now, because I don’t fully understand the meaning of that switch.
But the prices are now fetched in the PO.


Any ideas what the “Price Not UOM dependent” means?

That feature does a conversion if you choose to bring in a different unit of measure on po, eg you buy from supplier in boxes but you sell in no’s.

Interesting that this would affect the rate on PO but thank you :blush:

Thanks @msalim79