Issue with Field Accessibility in Custom Frappe Doctype Workflow

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing an issue with field accessibility in a custom Frappe doctype that I’ve set up with a workflow. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the problem:

  1. Doctype Structure: The doctype consists of three distinct sections:
  • Basic Details
  • Procedure Details
  • Pharmacy Details
  1. Workflow Configuration: The workflow is designed to involve different user roles:
  • OT Operations User: Responsible for filling out Basic Details and Procedure Details. They should not have access to Pharmacy Details.
  • Pharmacy User: Their role is to complete the Pharmacy Details section only, after it has been filled by the OT Operations User. They should have full edit access to all fields within the Pharmacy Details section.
  • Audit Manager: This role comes after the Pharmacy User and is responsible for reviewing the entire form. They should see all fields in read-only mode.

  1. Current Challenge:
  • OT Operations User Experience: Upon logging in, the OT User can fill basic Details section. Rest fields(Pharmacy Details) appear in next user login.

    Here i am getting Pharmacy Details section.

  • Pharmacy User Experience: Upon logging in, the Pharmacy User can only edit one field in the Pharmacy Details section. I am unable to see those Pharmacy details in pharmacy user login.

    but here i am not getting that section. Though i got 1 field in that, all became read only more

  • Audit Manager Experience: After the Pharmacy User completes their part, the Audit Manager correctly sees all fields in read-only mode.

    i have given read only condition for all the fields to audit manager

  1. Objective:
  • Pharmacy User: I need to ensure that the Pharmacy User has full edit access to all fields within the Pharmacy Details section to enter required information.
  • Audit Manager: Should continue to view all fields in read-only mode for verification purposes, which is currently working correctly.
  1. Configuration Details:
  • I’ve carefully set up role permissions and defined workflow states to control field access based on user roles. Despite this, I’m encountering challenges with the Pharmacy User’s ability to edit all necessary fields.

Seeking Guidance:

  • Could someone with experience in Frappe workflows advise on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue? I’m particularly interested in ensuring that the Pharmacy User can interact with all fields within their designated section as intended.

Your insights and suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you!