Issue with on Item Tax doctype. Permission error

I’m trying to make an Ajax call using frappe on the Report View when editing a field to update the child doctype of Item, which is the Item Tax.

Url: …/#List/Item/Report/

As I added a checkbox filed on Item “is_applied_tax”. The checkbox field once checked should update the Item Tax to set the tax. I written the custom javascript for set_control_value() in report_view.js.

I seem to have an issue with making an Ajax call using for the Iفem Tax doctype. It keeps giving me a permission error.

How to solve this ? Any guide would be appreciated.

I was trying to set the value in the callback:{

                method: 'frappe.client.get_list',

                args: {

                    'doctype': 'Item Tax',

                    'filters': [

                        ['parent', "=", docname]


                    'fields': ["*"]


                callback: function (r) {


                    console.log("Updated Value is:", value)

                    // var item_tax_template_value = "ضريبة 15%";

                    // //Check if tax is enabled for the item or else set as no tax

                    // if (value == 0) {

                    //  item_tax_template_value = "لا يوجد ضريبة";

                    // }

                    // frappe.db.set_value("Item Tax",, "item_tax_template", item_tax_template_value);