Issue with Frappe Forum

One account is showing Delete Account Button and in another account its missing.
Unfortunately, I want to delete that account in which button is missing.

Please refer screenshot.

@NCP @Samsul

But where is delete option,
In both image doesn’t show delete option.

Continuing the discussion from Frappe Forum, how to delete account?:
Please check in this issue I have screenshot.

I am really sorry, I don’t know what’s going on because before in my account that button was showing.
Even before taking screenshot when I logged out to login another account it was showing “Delete My Account”.

That means, in both account button to Delete Account is not showing now.

And I want to Delete one account, how can I do it?

@umarless, I haven’t idea about it.

Hello @athul,
Can you check this?
User can’t delete his own account.
Is there a setting change for it?

Thank You!

Hello @athul,
Please check the issue.
I want to delete this account. “Delete Account” button is not visible.
or If possible then delete this account from your side.