Issue with frappe.realtime post migrate to v7

in my email inbox i use frappe.realtime to notify users when a new email arrives
it was working v6 but it’s not in v7
i know the implementation needs to b refined to reduce traffic but is a temp solution

client side

only change that appears related

@shreyasp please answer.

hmm seems to b a global thing when in develop mode it doesnt work


frappe.publish_realtime(‘foobar’, {‘data’: ‘abc’}), this seems to work if my site name and url are same, for example site name: site1.local and url site1.local\abc

but if i my site name: site1.local and url is local-run\abc and i have a etc/hosts entry for local-run it doesn’t work.

there are no error msg. is this the right behavior or is there something that im missing.